The bike trailer for everydays use and everyday adventures. 



5,4 kg

load capacity

25 kg


34x52 cm (enough space for 

1 beverage crate or one purchase)



A trailer with timeless design and so essencial, that you can assemble, adapt or repair yourself.
Furthermore we reduce the cost so anyone who is looking for a environmental-friendly transportation alternative can afford.  



The Chameleon has no crazy gadgets and therefore it is able to follow you in every situation, we made it fast and reliable to use. 
The numerous attachement points make the attachement of all kind of loads possible.
Even better you can collapse the trailer in a very compact way, so you are sure you can store it in your appartment, in your cellar or inside a cabinet (not like a cargobike). This makes it easy to carry in a train or a car. 
And it's perfect for traveling : we enjoyed it a lot when we go for bike touring !


Local production is making sense for so much reasons : transport time and distance reduction, quality control, raw materiel selection, support of the local economy
The ash wood comes from a forest close to Göttingen (Germany) and has a PEFC certificate. The metal parts are prepared in South-Germany and the arm to the bike is produce in a small Nort-France Company. The main board is made here in Wismar, where all was design and will be prepared. 
The Chameleon is for everyone, people willing less, yet reliable, nice and durable product. And willing to make the world a bit better. 

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