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We are 2 friends, designer & engineer, located in Northern-Germany. We are motivated by the idea of fullfiling all dreams about alternative Mobility, Outdoor activities and frugal living.

We have a few projects ready to produce or under developpement : an eco-trailer for bikes, a wood stove for camper vans, a tent. Our main concern is to design products that are good for the plannet and for our users/us.

We first met during an internship by Outdoor brand VAUDE. We were working often together and creating personal projects during the evenings (hamocs, drones, tent) or going for a bivouac everyday of the week. We manage to create a very interesting and adventurous routine ! After that time we kept in contact for organizing a few travels.

In 2019 we got the opportunity to apply for a scholarship and decide to work together on a project. The idea was to developp a new trailer concept, and we did ! 

And today, we are:



 A brand that will soon fulfill all you dreams about Mobility, Outdoor and frugal living. 

We want our project to be more impacting than just offering an alternative solution to bike transportation or design the next helpfull outdoor Gear. We also want to be an example for a nicer and more sustainable sociaty.  That is why we really pushed the limit of our business model to makes it fitting to our values since the beggining.

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